Joe R. Lansdale Interview

Here’s a link to a radio interview with the writer Joe R. Lansdale, who’s another writer I’m a big fan of, especially his Hap and Leonard series. He’s published more than 40 novels and 30 short stories and in the interview he talks about his new Hap and Leonard thriller as well as his early life and how he became a writer.

Waiting Game

So, I’m waiting to find out what the verdict is. I submitted the seventh draft of my first novel to the editor at my literary agency at the beginning of this week. Once she’s had a chance to go through it, she’ll let me know if it requires any more work. The feedback I had on the previous draft was very positive overall and I had just over three pages of notes to work through, to clarify certain issues and make some small changes. Hopefully, I managed all of them OK and if there is any more to do, it won’t be too much. All I can do now is wait …