Some News

OK, OK, I know, I’ve been terrible at posting anything here, no news and updates or anything else, even though things have been happening. I can only apologise for being so lax. I guess most of the time I’m always putting out any news and such via Twitter and Facebook – but I recently had some news I thought was worthy of putting up and commemorating here.

I was having a quick check of Twitter on Thursday morning when I saw I was tagged into a tweet congratulating me and some other authors (thanks Tracy). I had no idea what it was about so I checked out the link. I had to read the announcement a couple of times before it really sank in but it seems I’ve been longlisted for the CWA Gold Dagger 2021 for Stone Cold Trouble!

I was not expecting that at all!

It was a real shock. I mean, I knew the longlists for the various Daggers were due to be announced soon and I thought I’d check them out at some point, as I always do, for good recommendations of books I may have missed in the last year. As it happens, I’d totally forgotten when the longlists were coming out and so it wasn’t on my mind at all. I would’ve seen them eventually during the day, for sure, and had a read, like any interested reader but I never expected to see my name on any of the lists, let alone for the Gold Dagger.

It’s a hell of a list to be on, in some great company – a load of fantastic books and wonderful authors. Congratulations to all of them. The very nature of these things means that most of us won’t make it onto the shortlists but it’s still wonderful to get a nod like this and I aim to make the most of it while I can. Make hay while the the sun shines, as the saying goes.

The best of luck to everyone up for any of the awards.

Here’s a link to the CWA announcement with all of the longlists for the various Daggers at the bottom of the page.